Green County Landfill

Garbage Notice

For Residents of Town of Mt Pleasant. There is no garbage pickup or drop off service in the town. All residents must dispose of their own garbage. The Green County Landfill will accept garbage, please see below for the types of materials they accept.

Green County Landfill

W2002 Hwy SS, Brodhead, WI 53520

Phone: 608-897-8605
Email: [email protected]

Monday thru Friday - 7:00AM to 3:00PM

Items accepted for Recycling at Green County Landfill

  • WASTE OIL & ANTI-FREEZE - Place in plastic jug with tight fitting lid. Automotive drain oil only.
  • PAPER - Keep clean and dry. All paper can be mixed. Newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail. Paper cannot be tied.
  • RECYCLING drop-off for steel & tin cans, plastic, glass & aluminum.

Items that cannot be Landfilled but are accepted at Landfill

  • Refrigerators*
  • Freezers *
  • Dehumidifiers *
  • Air Conditioners*

* Contain CFC's - Must be handled separately from other appliances. There is a $25.00 charge for disposal of any appliance that contains Freon.  Ammonia appliance charge is $50.00.

  • Dishwashers, Stoves, Humidifiers, Washers, Dryers, Garbage Disposals, Furnaces, Microwave Ovens, Trash Compactors, Space heaters (oil, gas, or electric).
  • Commercial Refrigerators & cooling units are NOT ACCEPTED.
  • TV's, VCR's, record players, radios, small hand appliances and tools CAN BE E-Cycled (see E-Waste Below).

Additional Items Accepted at the Landfill

  • A user fee or a tipping fee will have to be paid on the following items.
    The fee is $45/ton, minimum charge $10.00 for 500 lbs. or less. This price may change.
  • Refuse*
  • Appliances*
  • Scrap Metals*
  • Fence Wire*

* Material can be brought on one load but must be separated prior to bringing to landfill so they can be unloaded quickly.

  • BRUSH & Compost Materials (NOT TREES) are $20.00/ton, $10.00 minimum
  • TIRES - must be reasonably clean. There is a charge of $5.00/tire for car and small truck tires off of the rim. $5.00 per rim (i.e. $10.00 for on the rim tire) qty of 5 or less.  $355/ton for off of the rim passenger or light truck tires ($0.1775/ pound); $450/ ton off the rim for off-road tires. Additional $5.00 per rim.
  • E-Waste  $.30/lb. for recycling

Please call the Landfill for questions.
Revised 12/2023

2022-23 GC Solid Waste Rates